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Explaining Your Rights And Navigating The law

Legal issues related to family matters are often considered to be some of the most emotionally challenging for anyone can face. At the heart of the matter is always what you care about most: your family, but what complicates matters more is the complex world of state laws, legal procedures and overwhelming choices for resolution.

When you need a legal advocate to help you through a family law difficulty, I am here for you. At my law firm, I serve individuals and families throughout the Fort Wayne area. I know the law; I can help you understand your rights, and I will advocate for your best interests.

Guidance For Several Family Law Challenges

In every case I handle, I work tirelessly to help you obtain the best outcome available in the most efficient way possible. I handle a full spectrum of legal issues involving family law. These include:

  • Separation: Explaining the difference between separation and divorce. Then, deciding which is best for you.
  • Divorce: Helping you divide your assets per Indiana’s laws as you start a new chapter in life
  • Child custody and support: Doing what is best for kids when it comes to parenting schedules and finances
  • Post-decree modifications: Filing a petition for a modification if life changes after you receive a court order
  • Guardianships: Using a guardianship to protect kids or adults who cannot care for themselves

When these areas of law overlap, you can rest assured I will use my understanding of the law and critical thinking skills to develop a plan for resolution that takes everything into consideration. Rather than complicate matters, I will work to simplify them so you can focus on your everyday family life.

Learn About Your Rights When It Comes To Family Law

Don’t feel like you have to tackle the many complex details of a legal problem by yourself. This only increases your chances of experiencing mistakes or misunderstandings of the law, which can create more challenges for you later on. When you’re ready, I am here to help you. Schedule an initial consultation in which we can sit down or chat on the phone about your needs. To reach me, call 260-755-3824 or send me an email.