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Taking The Stress Out Of Child Custody Matters

Because both parents are incredibly emotionally invested in the outcome, child custody can be one of the most difficult issues to resolve quickly. Tensions can escalate quickly, resulting only in arguments and delays in reaching an arrangement. With a skilled attorney in your corner, however, this doesn’t have to be the outcome for you.

I understand the importance of finding a workable child custody and parenting time arrangement that focuses on amicable solutions, not contentious disputes. As a family law attorney, I prioritize helping my clients reduce family tensions while also advocating for their interests. My goal will always be to help you do what is best for you and your kids.

The Best Interests Of The Child: What Does This Mean?

You will undoubtedly hear the phrase “the best interests of the child” dozens of times during your custody case. The best interests of the child is the standard according to which Indiana family law courts issue custody decisions. When deciding whether a custody and visitation schedule is in the child’s best interests, the court will consider factors such as:

  • Each parent’s bond with the child
  • Each parent’s contribution to the rearing of the child
  • Each parent’s ability to care for the child
  • The stated preference of the child, in some situations
  • The child’s involvement in school, church, sports and other organizations
  • The presence of substance abuse, domestic violence or mental illness

Rather than place your custody decision in the hands of a judge who does not know you, I do everything I can to help you and your co-parent hammer out a satisfactory arrangement privately. If this does not work, I will go to court and seek the custody decision you feel is in your child’s best interests.

What if circumstances change and your custody order is no longer in your child’s best interests? Don’t worry. I will listen to your story to better understand the changes in circumstances then help you determine if and what changes are needed. I will then help you seek modification of your existing court order.

Get The Help You Need With Custody

Do not simply ignore the matter and hope that it resolves itself. This often just becomes messier. Reach out to me at my Fort Wayne office to schedule a consultation about custody and visitation. Call 260-755-3824 or send me an email to reach me.